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Bench 28
Wednesday, October 18, 2017In Chamber11:00 AM

Cause list for Wednesday, October 18, 2017 In Chamber

1 AC-1994/17 Om Parkash Vs PIO o/o Divisional Engineer, Establishment, Water Resources, 2.FAA o/o Div.Engr. Water Resources
2 AC-737/17 Karam Singh Vs PIO o/o Director, Panchayats, 2.FAA o/o Director Panchayats
3 CC-727/17 Anil Kumar Vs PIO o/o MC, Jalandhar, 2.FAA o/o MC Jalandhar
4 AC-683/17 Dilbagha Chand Vs PIO o/o Distt.Revenue Officer, Ludhiana 2.FAA o/o DRO, Ludhiana
5 AC-1992/17 HS Hundal Vs PIO o/o Regional Transport Authority, Moga 2.FAA o/o STC
6 AC-1939/17 Ashok Kumar Vs PIO o/o Estate Officer, PWD(B&R) Patiala 2.FAA o/o PWD B&R Patiala
7 AC-1569/17 Baldev Singh Vs PIO o/o Director, Animal Husbandry 2.FAA Secy. Animal Husbandry
8 AC-1971/17 Lakhvir Singh Vs PIO o/o SDE, Construction Sub Div. B&R Phagwara 2.FAA SE,Construction Circle, Jalandhar
9 AC-1972/17 Lakhvir Singh Vs PIO o/.o SDE,Provincial Sub Div. B&R Phagwara 2.FAA o/o SE, Prov.Circle,Jalandhar
10 AC-1973/17 Lakhvir Singh Vs PIO o/o SDE Const.Sub.Div.2,B&R Kapurthala 2.FAA o/o SE.Prov.Div.2 Jal
11 AC-1974/17 Lakhvir Singh Vs PIO o/o XEN Division No.2, B&R Kapurthala 2.FAA o/o SE,Const.Crl.2 Jal
12 AC-1975/17 Lakhvir Singh Vs PIO o/o SDE Const.SubDiv. B&R Sultanpur Lodhi 2.FAA o/o SE, Const.Circle 2,Jalandhar


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